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Technology is a boon to women. Education has changed the lives of women, but technology has improved the lives of women. Internet, mobile phones, radio, computers and television have brought a revolution in women’s life. Their live are not limited to household chores. Now they re aware of the global happenings and even staying and working at homes.

E- Learning is flexible and changed the way of education in the world. One can now learn while staying at homes. The Internet has further widened the scope of education in remote areas of the world where once education was not possible. The people especially far flung area can learn, read and write with the help of E-learning programs.

Medic Mobile – with efficient healthcare in rural areas being difficult to achieve, their developments using open-source platforms (Frontline SMS, Google Apps, Health Map, etc) aid health workers in delivering timely healthcare to isolated patients and women. E-Health has changed the field of health care. Mobile health program has benefited thousands of people in Africa. Mobile health services are very useful especially for women at the time of illness, pregnancy and child care and to fight diseases in rural areas and in the under developed countries.

E-Health Point – these basic health clinics are run by Health Services and provide rural communities with clean drinking water, medicines, diagnostic tools, and advanced tele-medical services. Individuals around the world are leveraging today’s technological tools to bring health, education, and empowerment to communities in need.

Information technology also has helped to tackle hunger, malnutrition and poverty in the world and also proved useful whenever disaster struck any where in the world. Internet has made the world a close family. Information technology has further widened the job prospects for women. They can work and make money online. Internet also provides them the basic knowledge, information; skills and opportunities thus update them with the latest news and events of the globe. This also helps them being aware of the challenges faced by women throughout the world and how they deal with them contributing towards the betterment of the family and the nation.

There is no doubt the modern woman and technology can play an important role to make this world a better place to live in. Many women organizations are working together for the upliftment of the women with the help of science and technology and are pursuing different methods of sustainable development, incorporating technology in a number of areas like construction, energy, transport and waste disposal for ecologically sustainable conversions and development of their built environment. This augurs well for long-term sustainable urban development. In the meantime, the reality is how technology is fueling economic development, creating sprawl, pollution, environmental and climate change challenges in cities as well as inspiring scientists, planners and policymakers to search for more energy efficient technology and sustainable innovations to promote sustainable human settlement.

It is rightly said educate a women if you want to educate a whole family and technology has helped to spread knowledge and women empowerment in the world.

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