Women's place in society

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© UNICEF/BANA2013-00476/Haque

© UNICEF/BANA2013-00476/Haque

The Earth is, surely, full of beauty; for everyone and from every perspective. This world, yet, is full of beauty for solely those who are able to commit to a peaceful lifestyle. Being able to detain such a peaceful lifestyle, despite all the negativities is another discussion which I am, sadly, not going to write about in this argument. Since, if we decided for elevating all the negativities in this article, it would surely go on with no end. As a consequence, this article is going to be merely about a feministic perspective to women’s place in society.

Hollywood and the business world

“Please wait a moment; are you sure about having my permission to read this article, are you sure about your beauty? If not, I demand you to stop because we accept only the women that are beautiful and have self-confidence.” Surely this might not be exactly what we want to hear but it does appear familiar, especially if we take a look at the actresses in Hollywood and perhaps even at the women in the business world.

What I see (which is personally and therefore can vary from one person to another) is a group full of “beautiful” women. After noticing this, I'd like to compare this situation to the state of men; the results, unhappily, show me that men do not have to go through such harsh conditions as women usually do. These conditions are very apparent due to the appearance of discussions in social media. Women are usually forced to be beautiful, and as if being beautiful is not tough/unjustly enough, the term has been strictly framed by some rules, such as having long, small legs and wearing make-up.

The differences

However, as a feminist this situation enervates me a lot. As I wrote earlier; it’s tough, having to be beautiful. Nevertheless, besides this there is one another thing that irritates me even more and that is, the differences in requirements that are settled for women and men. Here begins the most important part of my debate about feminism in society; why would men go through such an easy way to succeed while women usually need to care about their appearance more than men, to reach their goals?

There are surely many answers to my question. Some of them are: because women, between themselves, are constantly in a beauty contest. As a consequence of these beauty contests, lasting in epochs; people are more used to seeing women with a specific look, especially with make-up. This, actually, show us that it’s a women’s fault. People are, often thinking that feminism is solely about loving all women and seeing no fault in their actions. Nonetheless, I am absolutely against this standpoint.

A change?

As a result, we are thus getting a much unforeseen answer to the reason for women having a poor position in society. This is, however, just a point of view; my point of view. As I wrote earlier, there are many reasons. Yet, regarding my thoughts, the actual reason is the beauty contests that have continued for ages. Therefore, it’s hard for me to believe that change will occur.

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