World Humanitarian Day: A "recall" for Tsunami

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Tsunami Aceh
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Tsunami Aceh Source :

December 26th, 2004.

It was one of the day that will always have a place in most of my nations memory. A huge tsunami with magnitude 9.1-9.3 had attacked Aceh, Indonesia. It was actually an Asian tsunami because it also hit Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other countries, but it had killed 128.000 people in Indonesia alone, according to, I don’t know whether it would be more or less, but one thing that can be sure, huge amount of people dead in that disaster. Many people lost their property and their beloved persons. It was a very tragic view, corpse everywhere, people cried and screamed, got a big trauma. The building had collapsed, people ran and shouted, they kept searching if they could find their relates.

It was so painful when you looked at the children’s eyes, they showed fear, but also a big question. You also could not help to see a man screaming for his wife and son, to see a mother tried her best to lift up the ruin just to look up her child. They also lost their home, even some of them who were still be able to stand up, felt like they already lost their lives.

Responsing to this kind of situation, many organizations, foundations, even common citizens gave their contributions to help the victims. The organizations came with various background, starting from World Bank, European Union, FOCUS (Focus Humanitarian Service), International Red Cross Federation, and some foundations that come with religious background like Buddha, Jewish, Catholic, and others. Many corporations also contributed by giving donation, like Shell and Microsoft. These organizations also held some fund-rising events in order to help the tsunami victims.

In Indonesia, all of the provinces, all of the citizens worked together to help the victims and fix everything that could be fixed. Indonesia Red Cross Federation, Search and Rescue team, soldiers, and all of the people that had various occupation did everything what they could with their ability. Supports and prayers had always been sent to the victims. All of the media in Indonesia never stopped reporting and inviting the citizens to also give contribution. Wikipedia has noted the humanitarian responses for this disaster, and it was huge. I guess it is even bigger than the tsunami itself.

I am sure everybody will be touched if they see this kind of togetherness, sharing, and genuine love. When people destroyed the border among them, forgetting every difference, just loving and caring as human.

Instead of showing how tragic the tsunami was and how sweet the togetherness was, in this World Humanitarian Day, I want to ask you, and also myself, do we need another tsunami that causing massive death to do simple act of humanity, nowadays?

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