Writing Challenge: should children be allowed to leave school before completing the final year?

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By Monicah Maelane, South Africa

No. Children should not be legally allowed to leave school before completing their final year. Without education we are unable to end the violence in many countries around the world, such as child abuse and women abuse, also we are unable to end illiteracy, criminal activities and poverty especially in Africa. The economy also suffers because the number of unemployment is on the rise due to the lack education mainly in Africa.

I am South African, our country's education system is lacking: no qualified teachers and there are no resources, and these has caused a lot of children of South Africa to leave school before their final year and this has a negative effect on their life for example teenage pregnancy and crime is on the rise, because they cannot be employed. The unemployment has risen to 45 percent in South Africa and the young people have resorted to criminal activities hence the country's economy suffers immensely.

Education is important in today's world without it you will get nowhere in this world. Completing one's schooling can actually have big positive effect in one's life, when competing your final year in school, you have the ability to dream big and achieve big things in your life and become an example for your community and also influence other young people to do the same and inspire the next generation. With education we are able to end the violence: child and women abuse, illiteracy, criminal activities and poverty. With education one is able to learn responsibility for themselves and their futures.

However all these cannot be done without the government assistance in every country. The government must work together with teachers in order to encourage the young people to stay and complete their final year and make the parents understand that education is important for their children futures.

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