Yeah! I’m also a Youth but Have No Energy to Change the World

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Mismobilization of youth in developing countries.

Mismobilization of youth in developing countries.

My grandfather was also very energetic youth of his time. He was born on high profile ruling family of local level as he was the son of Landlord having authority from autocratic Ranas. My father told me if we remembered the land property of our grandpa in sindhuli (In Marinkhola of Sindhuli) that would be almost equal to three quarter of Bhaktapur District of Nepal. “Even rhino horns and some valuable stones were there in our home” my father told me. Once I asked a counterpart of my grandpa who was alive and described my grandpa as the person who used to go to toilet by riding horse.

My real grandmother was lost by Snake bite when my father was of only 7 months. My father even can’t remember the real face of his mother. My father didn’t get the chance to see his mother and never got the lap of her. After the death of my grandma, our step grandmother came and started to suffer/torture my father. If I wrote all his stories, I think there will be no any person who will remain without tears.

The total property was wasted by our step grandmother with the fear of my father. She sold most of the land, valuable stones and supplied the money to her maternal house so that there would have no property for my father and only her son could enjoy the entire property.

In short my grandpa wasted his entire life in power abuse and his second wife.

At the time when my father separated from his parents, he got only 1 kattha of land in Sindhuli headquarter.

Finally he got married at the age of 23 and the couple produced 4 children. Poverty, no any source of income but a challenge to feed a family of 6 members was in front of my father. The family lived an extreme condition for more than a decade after separation from grandpa.

Later my father found a rich person having huge property ranked at 7th richest of Nepal. He trusted my father and taught him to do business related to land. Due to the influence of that great and rich person my father became a great contractor of sindhuli district and earned lots of money in very short duration. He had a dream to build a building in the capital city and later earned 1.5 ropani of land in that city as well. Perhaps he is about to fulfill his dream in near future. At this time I would like to thank the person who taught my father and gave the education about how to survive. Now, my father is 53.

The most fortunate thing about me was that I was born when my father started to uplift his economy and didn’t suffer as much as my siblings.

This is how my father passed his productive age.

I know, now it’s the turn of his off springs to exist in this world, I know the turn is mine. What I think is Same thing is going to happen on me as well, struggle for the subsistence of life, search for job, and stand on long queue in hot days to apply for job holding academic degrees in my hand. I know I’ll have family pressure to earn in the near future and my energy is going to be fully utilized in searching some type of job and fulfilling its duties. Here the title works, yeah! I’m also a Youth but Have No Energy to Change the World because I’m going to be busy in fulfilling basic needs of me and my family.

I’m the representative character; there are millions of youths like me. It is especially the plight of entire least developed nations. People have no time to think things other than their stomach. The educated youths even after having academic degrees don’t get the job and ultimately choose the path of drug addiction, Alcoholism, prostitution, gang fight, and the terrorism etc. Because these educated don’t see any further options to choose and search the temporary ways to relief their pain.

Therefore, we must focus on these youth and the least Developed Countries (LDCs) to see a better future. Especially, there should be the representatives from these LDCs, they should have full authority to prepare policy and action plan for these countries in concerned platforms like United Nations, The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank etc. There shouldn’t be such that developed countries preparing policy and plans for LDCs as developed countries are the main donor. Youths and manpower should be fully prepared for such elite sectors who thoroughly know the problems, possibilities and potentialities of LDCs. The gaps between Developed and Developing countries should be reduced by searching potential options because it doesn’t looks good standing a beggar in front of huge palace.

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