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Here we ARE !?!

Here we ARE !?!

When the mind cannot contribute to a new design or agenda, there is a stagger in progress and a retardation in what is needed. The same happens to life! The inability to justify the means creates a loop for faults and mishaps. This fault develops a breach in peace and well being. The foundation holding every living trait is 'Love.' This is why we have no inferiority issue, no criticism, no hate. But if you cross check countries - especially some parts in Africa and other Asian spheres, human rights and the justice act is sat on by profane and self centered humans. You have a situation where youth, the leaders of tomorrow, have no obligation or right to speak. There is no foreground for education or to strike all over everything. Corruption is now a property of democracy, no job opportunity, and the hope of the less privileged is cut short!

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