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Youth is a privilege many do not really appreciate because it would appear to have not cost them anything. As a young man with a youthful mind I have found my mind to burdened with a hunger I can not seem to quench. The hunger to be more than I am, to be better for myself, my family, my community and if I am lucky, my country and the world at large.

This has made me ruminate as come up with this thought with hope of reflecting on it and help to inspire someone to decide to want to be more in order to do more.

The mind of a young man or woman is the most active mind any one will have in their life time. The young mind will always seek solution to many problems or Any problem in sight. Whenever it seems all is well, then all seem to go out of their way to be unwell with the mind. The mind seeks to always want to profer solutions to problem. It is the design, we can't run from it, we can't kill it and I suggest we don't.

It is that time of our lives. We are in the moment, it is our moment , it is our time. Those ahead have had their opportunity those behind will get their moment. Right now, it is our time. We have to step up to the podium to take the applause, be in the spotlight, take the bow, take the risk, put in the work, to create the future. Our present was someone's future, our present will be someone's future. We have the opportunity to create someone's reality. In my opinion, there is no better rewarding task if we do it well.

The time is now, our minds have been seeking this moment. It is ours.

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