Young People and the Internet

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My name is Kesia and I am 18 years old from Zambia. The internet - which includes Facebook, Google, twitter - plays the big part in the average youths everyday life. The internet has been received with many different opinions. Some have welcomed it with open arms but in some extreme cases it is declared evil.

A wise man once said "a knife in the hands of a chef can be used to prepare a meal but the same knife in the hands of the murderer will be used to take a life." This saying also applies to the internet. Yes the internet may be responsible for influencing evil but we can not deny that it has positively contributed to development. It has helped the youths in many ways. It is also used to research educational information which may even be less expensive than buying books from a bookstore.

Personally I think it is not about what negative we think the internet has done but what we do with it.

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