Young Smokers: Yay or Nay?

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I wonder why my campus allows students to smoke in the campus area. It just doesn't make any sense how a sacred and honoured institution like university gives permission for student-smokers.

Pay a visit to the canteen, you will sense the haze that comes from cigarettes filling the air. There is just a small room left for fresh air.

What makes you fit in my campus' canteen? Cigarettes probably do since a lot of people use it to be socially accepted. Hence, no one seems to really bother the haze that comes from cigarettes.

Though the number of non-smokers slightly outnumbers of those who do, these people are silent. Including me sometimes. I feel like I don't want to break the friendship code as I tell some friends to stop smoking when they are near me. Not once, do I keep pretending I am fine with what goes on around me. This is what people call peer pressure I guess.

What happens in my campus is the tip of the iceberg. If you take a look a little closer at the nation's smoking habit, you will find that smoking has been a habitual activity for young generations in the country. Even few people started smoking before they graduated from primary school.

A lot of young people smoke to look cool. Some boys smoke so that their peers will not call them sissy boys. A lot of external factors are encouraging young people to grab their first cigarette.

It is quite hard to avoid smoking while you are being exposed to the notion that smoking is kind of cool. Even though, cigarettes ads are banned to be broadcast on television before 9.30 pm, the presence of outdoor cigarettes ads are unavoidable. They are everywhere, one may find them just around the corner in their neighbourhood or even right in front of their school gate. Both outdoor ads and TV commercials have a unified message that smoking is cool.

I personally love to watch ads from cigarette companies because they are funny and are delivered in a storytelling manner. But, communication pundits say that cigarettes ads are full of subliminal messages.

Speaking of cool stuff that youngsters love to do, watching concerts are even cooler and so a lot of cigarettes makers are funding the concerts that feature international artists. Tobacco tycoons also give scholarships for young and bright Indonesian students.

How can young people quit smoking while they accept a lot of special treatment from the producers?

People may say that to light up a cigarette is a right, but I personally don't regard it as one.

One’s right should not take away somebody else's right. Obviously, my right to breathe fresh air is neglected once someone uses their "right" to start smoking near me.

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