Youth Perspective: Sustainable Development

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There is no dispute today that Planet Earth is reaching a point where it can no longer sustain our intake levels. If we care about our planet, about ourselves, our children and other living things then we need to learn how to turn things around and bring about lasting transformation.

Most environmental problems are global in nature, meaning, they have global ramifications. Let me explain by saying that many ecosystems that are managed by countries have vast global benefits and their destruction or degradation can lead to negative impacts in regions far and wide. Our current lifestyles and consumption patterns are already resulting in negative change to the planet be it Famine in India or Typhoon in USA/Philippines. Climate change, world debt & peak fossil fuels are not separate issues with separate solutions: we have to solve them together – and by finding those solutions will generate enough jobs.

Famine and starvation are on the rise again driven by the cost of oil, climate change and water shortages. 2.8 billion people now live in water stressed areas and there’s already a buzz on water wars. Climate change is not only about rising sea levels but also about famines, desertification, the loss of eco-systems, changing and more severe weather patterns as well as temperature rises. Yet most people don’t think Climate Change is a big problem. There is no point in changing the climate as it is hardly possible. So change the system.

Sustainable development has different meanings for different people, but broadly refers to long-term development that takes into account governmental, social and ecological factors. For countries, this means investing in economic sectors that create jobs, building better infrastructure to provide key services and empowering political institutions that allow civil society (You & Me) and businesses to engage in policy making. It is more than just caring about the environment or generating money through economic growth. As we think of sustainable development, we must think of a structure, where the decisions taken ensure that each component of the system (like man, trees, environment, society etc.) is capable of thriving without hampering the capacity of the other component to do so, regardless of time.

We need a vision which addresses the well-being of people and the planet together. We should approach sustainable development by considering that everything is interconnected across generations and across countries.

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