Zambia's First Lady Partners with UNICEF Child Ambassadors HIV Advocacy

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UNICEF Youth Ambasadors at State House with Dr.Christine Kaseba-Zambia's First Lady.

UNICEF Youth Ambasadors at State House with Dr.Christine Kaseba-Zambia's First Lady.

One third (4 million) of the Zambian population is 15-24 years old; however, every hour, 3 of these young people will become infected with HIV. Less than 40% of young people in Zambia have comprehensive HIV knowledge, with lower levels among females. A similar trend is noted for the use of HIV prevention services (condoms, male circumcision) with the exception of HIV testing among girls and their delay of sexual debuts. Young people's HIV risk is increased when they have limited knowledge about the means to protect themselves and they are not supported to access and utilize them.

In a quest to bridge the aforementioned knowledge gap, Dr.Christine Kaseba, who is the first lady of the republic of Zambia, is supporting 500 plus UNICEF Child Ambassadors in advocating for HIV issues among young people via an SMS information service called Zambia U-report.

Zambia U-Report is an innovation by the National AIDS Council, UNICEF and CHAMP which was first launched in Kitwe during the commemoration of the 2012 world AIDS day, and later on launched in Lusaka in early 2013. It is an innovative, free and strictly confidential SMS platform that is equipped to reach young people in a friendly and targeted manner. It allows real-time, two-way communication with trained SMS-counselors on issues of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) and it is accessible from any mobile network in Zambia. Currently, more than 20,000 young Zambians below the age of 24 years have signed up for U-report and have initiated conversations with trained councillors.
To sign up for Zambia U-report, sms the word 'JOIN' to '878'. Available FREE of charge on all three Zambia's mobile networks.

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