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Young people around the world are taking action to bring about the changes they want to see in their countries and communities. Plan International’s Global Voice for Change project wants to help connect you and other young people around the world to share, learn and act together to bring about more change on the issues you care about.

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1. Join our debates:

- Are young people really changing anything?

- What needs to be done for more students to succeed in school?

2. Read, share and comment on the blogs and videos below.

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1.Show your support for this year to be THE year that girls' rights are realised and join the call for an end to gender injustice. #Girl4President

- Watch and share the millennium children video on school-related gender-based violence

- Watch and share Omar’s vlog which looks at sexual violence in Senegal schools

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UN recognises the importance of young humanitarian’s voices

It is not every day that, the chief of a global UN process recognizes your work in front of a room...

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Youth Contributions in Responding to Disasters in Jakarta’s Slum Areas...

Living in Jakarta made me vulnerable to floods during the rainy season. Floods often impact the li...

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Youth Innovation Saving Lives in the Fight Against Ebola.

A group of four young humanitarians from Sierra Leone and Liberia, who responded to the Ebola cris...

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We helped during the Ebola crisis. Now we want The World Humanitarian...

A group of four young humanitarians from Sierra Leone and Liberia, who responded to the Ebola cris...

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Kenyan Girl Advocates on NTV

Receiving the support of the first lady and other distinguished guests last week after an impressive speech at an event about the Post 2015 Agenda, the Kenyan Girl Advocates are continuing to raise their profile further. On an appearance on live NTV – one of Kenya’s leading TV stations, Hope...

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Salvadoran Youths Share Stories of Living Through Conflict for The Wor...

A group of four young humanitarians from Sierra Leone and Liberia, who responded to the Ebola cris...

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Girl Advocates’ Speech on their Post 2015 Gender Agenda recommendation...

On Wednesday Antonina Akoth Ojala represented the Kenyan Girl Advocates in front of the First Lady...

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Pearls of wisdom: An extraordinary experience

Sullay Kalokoh, 22, from Sierra Leone, is now a fully-fledged film-maker after shooting Pearls of...

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Video: Pearls of Wisdom - Great Women Inspire Girls

Women from across the world have spoken out to inspire the next generation of girls in a new film produced with “young reporters” from Brazil, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Pakistan, Senegal and Sierra Leone. The film features a series of inspiring women from across the world who are calling fo...

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Youth delegate's speech at Oslo Education Summit

Leaders from all over the world are meeting in Oslo on 6–7 July to garner support for a joint effo...

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