Voices of Youth: Inspire!

Who inspires you? Who is your local young hero? Whose exceptional efforts and achievements will serve as an inspiration to others?

Voices of Youth: Inspire! is a space dedicated to highlighting the stories of these exceptional young people.

If you know of a local young celebrity, activist, scientist, musician, artist, or student whose story you want to share with the world, get in touch with the person, interview them and publish their interview here.

Inspiration can change the world!

Inspire! Meet The Teen Determined To Change Education

Sometimes in the midst of a mundane and meticulous life filled with the busyness of a routine, a p...

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Inspire! Eddie Komane: A Young Man Chosen By the People

There are many ways to make a meaningful contribution to society. Small acts make ripple effects w...

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Inspire with Sonic Prabhudesai: Expanding Horizons

Many people talk of taking the path less traveled by, but for some reason it remains lonely and untrodden. Today, at 24, Sonic Prabhudesai is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. The last time I met him we were in middle school and trying to take life one recess at a time! He co-...

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Inspire! With Ijeoma Idika-Chima: Education For All

Ijeoma is a 24 year old mentor and youth counselor who works directly with teenagers to help them build and improve their life skills. With 10.5 million out-of-school children in Nigeria, Ijeoma is the founder of Teenz Global Foundation. Even though she had a very difficult background, that...

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Inspire! With Emma Jackson: The Role of Youth in Divestment

I met Emma 4 years ago while completing our undergrad degrees at Mount Allison University in New B...

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Inspire! With Mahmud Johnson: On Vision, Drive, and Leadership

From selling T-shirts, to preparing students for international aptitude tests to study in the US,...

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Voices of Youth Inspire! #WED and Beyond with Gomin and Elsie

World Environment Day has ended. However, the struggle to protect the environment against further...

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Voices of Youth Inspire! Sonu Shakya of Women LEAD Nepal

Women LEAD Nepal is an organization run by young women of the age group 16-30. It is a youth orien...

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Inspire! With Leyla Carter: Dance Like Everybody is Watching

This week, I interviewed Leyla Carter, a dance and social entrepreneur determined to inspire chang...

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Inspire! With Polyglot Luca Lampariello: Languages Make You Happier

In recent years, educators and learners have come to focus more and more on the importance of qual...

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