Our world is rich in different cultures, customs and traditions. Isn’t it exactly this diversity that makes our planet so beautiful?

Most cultural practices and landmarks are tied to a certain place or a certain people and are often intertwined with the local history. Some cultural customs are only practiced by a very small group of people and are therefore at risk to be forgotten and extinct - an example is customs of some indigenous peoples. Other cultural customs transgress the place where they originated from and become popular around the world - the increased global access to the Internet reinforces this development.

Be it music, cinema, art, dance, food, fashion or language, young people are often at the forefront when it comes to new developments in these areas. At the same time, young people are the ones that preserve ancient traditions by receiving cultural wisdom from the previous generation and passing it on to the next one.

An increasingly globalized and interconnected world allows us to experience and enjoy the beauty of cultural diversity like never before. At the same time, cultures sometimes clash - new and unknown cultural customs can lead to anxiety among native populations and create fears. As open-minded international young people, it’s our duty to serve as bridges for dialogue between different cultures and dismantle fears by raising awareness about the benefits of multiculturalism!

Researching issues connected to culture, you might want to check out these resources:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - Culture

UN Alliance of Civilization - Programmes and Projects

Center for Intercultural Dialogue - Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue

Open Culture - The Big List of Culture Blogs (old but still a great list!)

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