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United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development

Keeping the Promise: Empowering Youth for Peace and Sustainable Development

What is the Conference?

The United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development (UNSLCD) is an initiative by the Global Education Motivators (GEM) that gathers students from around the world to brainstorm on solutions to help end extreme poverty in the world. With children and youth at the center of the Post-2015 agenda, the UNSLCD 2014 aims at encouraging youth to shape their future through cultural exchange and global collaboration. This year’s topic is Keeping the Promise: Empowering Youth for Peace and Sustainable Development.

What are the outcomes of UNSLCD?

Each UNSLCD participating youth develops a plan of action to address the following themes: Global Citizenship, Environmental Responsibility, Education for all, Food Security, and HumanRights. Participants share their thinking and research processes with the Voices of Youth Connect community to create a debate and dialogue around these themes. All students’ findings will be presented at the UN in May 2014.

GEM-Your Connection to VOY

Be part of the UNSLCD Discussion on Voices of Youth Connect!

Check all posts tagged “GEM” and voice your opinions. Join in on topics ranging from Global Citizenship, Sustainable Development, Education for All, Food Security, and Human Rights. Create a post, start the discussion, and comment on an existing GEM post!

For all students and teachers who are in the conference, we still have all the resources you need on how to create a post, login, register, and dates for the conference as well a guide to your Plan of Action.

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