VOY Blogging Internship

Read the latest posts from the Voices of Youth blogging interns – a group of passionate young people from all around the world. The 6-month VOY blogging internship sees the interns posting once a week on a range of youth and development related topics – from climate change and unemployment, to bullying and peer-pressure. The internship aims to give the selected participants an opportunity to not only have their voices heard, but to learn from and inspire others.

The best about Chile

Hi guys! the thing that I think makes the Chileans the proudest is the megadiversity that surround...

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Chilean Youth care about Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Chile is the so called “big brother” of the region because of its strength and confidence gene...

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Let's fall in love with Romania

In this world full of issues, darkness, unknown and fearful future, we tend to forget that we shou...

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Liberalism in conservative countries: the two sides of the argument

It's been a while, I didn't post a new essay for some personal reasons but they're over now and th...

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Mental Health and It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

What is mental health to you? What comes to mind when you hear mental health? Mental heal...

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As I walked down the normally tranquil Kensington High Street, I noticed something rather unusual....

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Languages. The key that opens all the doors.

It has been only a week since I started a new Arabic course, and already I've learnt so much. It seems almost surreal, when just a few days ago I had no real grasp of the language, but now I can conjugate a sentence correctly and have a basic conversation with someone. So when I visit Du...

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Musings Prompted by Independence Day

August is the month where Malaysians brush the dust off their decorative Jalur Gemilang flags to hang outside our homes and storefronts. Tinny songs sing of patriotism blare out from the speakers in malls and other public areas, while celebrations and the singing of our national anthem are e...

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Mental Health of Youth

Neither we are child nor are we old Foundations for development, we are gold. We are in prob...

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