VOY Blogging Internship

A big “thank you” to our blogging interns

Congratulations to all the 2014 Voices of Youth Blogging Interns! Over the past 6 month, this amazing group of young people from all the corners of the world has driven discussion and learning on Voices of Youth and proved to be a source of inspiration to many.

The Voices of Youth Community Managers thank all of you for your commitment, passion and high quality of work.

Check out what these young people have had to say below - and stay tuned for the announcement of the next round of blogging internships in 2015!

Searching for Scale Free Values: A TED Talk

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a TED talk about education. As a student, I found it extremely rewarding and interesting. I thought I'd share the TED talk of Steve Brown, the Founder and CEO of Ignite Channel, with you! What drives your passion and motivates you? Why do you do w...

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How did YOU become a Human Rights advocate?

Hello everyone! Briefly about me I coordinate youth activism at Amnesty International Chile al...

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My story with movies and series

Every one of us is a fan of something, each one has his hobbies and likes things, things that make...

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Who builds Peace in Colombia?

Peace talks seem to be the only topic people address when they refer to peace in Colombia and it´...

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We can change how the business world works

In the old world, every business had the prime objective of satisfying its shareholders. It was a...

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Why learn how to code?

Have you ever wondered what it is, behind the screen of your computer? How have we, people, manage...

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T minus one month

Goal number 6 of the millennium development goals is concentrated on 3 diseases; TB, AIDS and Mala...

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Let’s protect the vulnerable!

Somebody sent me a really disturbing video showing a grown woman severely abusing a toddler. The v...

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Code Like a Girl !

Through few years now, I had some experience in helping kids with their school subjects such as En...

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