What Can YOU(TH) Do?

Welcome to Voices of Youth, UNICEF's largest worldwide youth community.

So, what is Voices of Youth?

Voices of Youth is your online community: you are the main actors of the platform. You can give it the shape that you want because it is by you(th) and for you(th).

This is your platform to engage and express yourself in English, Spanish, and French – whichever language you prefer.

You can use Facebook and Twitter to ask us questions or any other type of support such as how to blog or how to make a topic more relevant.

Talk about VOY with your friends and your colleagues, this is your space, bring your peers along.

We just re-vamped our website equipped with this new feature on what you can do on Voices of Youth. Don't stop here: SIGN UP, JOIN, and become ACTIVE in our online community.

What can you do on Voices of Youth?

  • Express yourself:

    • Blog, Reblog, Post pictures, videos, articles

    • Check out our 7 topics for some inspiration: Human Rights, Poverty and Hunger, Education, Environment, Health, HIV & AIDS, Violence, War and Conflict. Don't forget to tag them in your posts!

    • Helpful Hints: Your blog post should be about your perspective on the problems/opportunities/events occurring in your community and/or around the world as well as issues faced by your generation. Be passionate and get excited about your issues so you can open up discussion. When others feel your enthusiasm, they get inspired too.

  • Exchange and Communicate with other young people:

    • Read and Comment on others' posts. These posts aren't just from your own country, they're from youth all around the world. It's a great way to start engaging in some unique conversations.

  • Debate every 2 weeks about a different question

  • Be Inspired by other young people

  • Get Social

  • Stay Informed and Check Out Voices of Youth digital engagement projects around the world

    • Our Connect, Citizens, and Maps initiatives are digital engagement projects focused all around the world

  • Learn, Share, Advocate

    • Check out these tools and resources we provide in our Resources Section for Adolescents, Youth, and Educators: http://www.voicesofyouth.org/en/connect/tools-and-resources

      • For Youth: How to Take a Good Photo, How to Take Action and Raise Awareness, Make an Action Plan

      • For Educators: How to Conduct Classroom Debates, Group Facilitation Tips, Leading Connect Sessions, Participatory Learning Methodologies, and Ice Breaker Activities

Let's Get Started

If you haven't already, SIGN UP:

  • Click here http://www.voicesofyouth.org/en/user/register on the registration page. Create your username, enter your Email, Display Name (that will appear on the VOY website when you post and/or comment), and your password.

  • You can also sign up with Facebook or Twitter.

Here's How to Create a Post:

  • Click on the Blue icon “Create a Post” icon to the right of the page

    • Choose your type of post

    • Write your article

    • Fill Out the Boxes

      • When filling out the boxes, Insert your title: make sure your title gives your reader the general idea of your blog and catches attention of readers.

    • Choose the language of your post: English, Spanish, French

    • Tag your post: Type in Key words that are relevant to your article such as the main topic; the country.

    • Add Images

      • Click on “Choose file” to upload a photo saved on the computer and write a caption on the “Description” box.

      • Under “Gallery images” add other pictures to illustrate your blog by uploading each of them from your computer and include a description for each picture. You can add up to four images.

    • Select the section(s) that represent the theme of your topic (you can select more than one section if applicable). For example if your blog post is about access to water, you can select “Environment”, “Health”, “Human Rights”.

    • Lastly, don't forget to Save, Preview, and SUBMIT!

      • Once it is submitted, you must wait for the Voices of Youth team to approve your post. After approval, SHARE YOUR POST on any of your social media accounts.

  • Helpful Hints

    • BE CREATIVE: Don't be afraid to use Multimedia. In fact, we encourage you to share photos, infographics, and videos related to your posts.

    • CREATE DISCUSSION: Ask yourself, “What story are you trying to tell?” when writing your blog post. When you know this, you will be able to frame and structure your piece, your video, your multimedia. By deciding this, you will have a focus and make a great impact on your audience.

(photo © UNICEF/NYHQ2011-1980/ROGER LEMOYNE)