Governance can be a clunky word - what does it mean exactly? It’s basically a term that refers to all processes linked to governing. As our globe is divided into multiple nation states - which then are split up into countless federal states and municipalities - governance affects each and everyone of us on a daily basis.

National and local governments are responsible for the wellbeing of their citizens and supposed to build vital infrastructure, make education accessible for all, set up health care facilities, maintain a functioning legal system and protect civilians. All too often unfortunately, some or all of these responsibilities aren’t met by governments, due to a lack of resources, corruption or discriminating policies.

In democracies, national and local politics focus on winning over voters so that political parties can move into government and (successfully or unsuccessfully) serve its citizens. In non-democratic countries, governments aren’t elected by the people but imposed - this often leads to a situation where some parts of the population are neglected.

In any type of government, it’s crucial that young people have platforms where they can voice their opinions and participate in shaping, implementing and evaluating government policies. In most countries however, youth participation is still underdeveloped. Young people have to keep holding their governments accountable and advocate for more mechanisms that allow meaningful and sustainable youth engagement!

Researching issues connected to governance, you might want to check out these resources:

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United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund - Child and Youth Participation

World Assembly of Youth - Assembly of National Youth Councils

Transparency International - Coalition Against Corruption

Youth Responsibility and Possible Solutions for Refugee Resettlement

Do you think not having money is the biggest problem? Yes, then you might have not heard the term called 'Refugee'.Have you ever thought of, "What does it mean to be a refugee?"Watch this video and just for a moment think about you would do in the same situation?What will you do? Where? Why? How?If...

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A New Era of Youth Participation?

In the context of the World’s Children Day 2017 (21.11.2017) I had the opportunity to join a panel-d...

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The Fall

You saw five minutes of heaven and thoughtThat you were already there to last.And as for the rest of...

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Why can you marry your MP at 16, but not vote for them?

At the age of 16 you can join the armed forces, entrusted by the state to fire a gun.But you cannot...

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Letter to the helpless children in the warzones

Hello dear children,How are you doing on this fine day? It is a fine day here but it doesn't feel like a fine day in my heart when I remember you. I am reminded that you are suffering for the actions of generations ahead of us. I wish I can make it all better for you with the words that come out of...

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Women of the world: there’s nowhere to go but up!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told “Fatima, you can become whoever you want”. What was le...

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Cars and Communism

My parents were 24 years old when Bulgaria elected its first multi-party parliament. It had been only a year since the fall of communism in 1989, and to many in the Eastern Bloc democracy was a foreign concept. Still, on Election Day more than 90 percent of the country’s population went to a polling...

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The Kenyan Crisis

I don't know how many members of the Voices of Youth community read about Kenya. If you do, you know that things aren't going very well down here. If you don't, now you know. Things aren't going so well here in Kenya. Long story short, on August 8th, we had a national general election and, on 1st Se...

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United for the world

War. Terror. Crisis. Fear. Not really the description you’d expect of our world today, but sadly it’s true, these words depict the situation in the world perfectly: states in conflict with each other, attacks on humanity, hunger and health crisis, refugees on the run – a world dominated by fear, ins...

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The LGBTQ Revolution

The LGBTQ community is one of the most discriminated and abused minority in the world. The quality...

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