Fact Sheet

WHO estimates that 70% of premature deaths among adults are largely due to behaviors initiated during adolescence, including poor eating habits (WHO 2005. Ten facts about chronic diseases).

Road traffic crashes are the leading cause of death among young people between 10 and 24 years, according to a report published by WHO. The report, Youth and Road Safety, says that nearly 400 000 young people under the age of 25 are killed in road traffic crashes every year. Millions more are injured or disabled. (WHO-2007)

Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, surpassed only by accidents and homicide. (CDC-2007)

Young people under 25 years constitute one-third of the more than a quarter of a million people infected with an STI each day (Blum and Nelson 2004; FHI 2009).

Source: https://soundcloud.com/childrensradiofoundation/sets/pmnch-partnerss-forum

Alexander Clinic Visit

CRF youth visit the Alexander Clinic and interview general public and Sister Ellen on issues perta...

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CRF Tanzania visiting the Alex FM "Bigger than life" studios

CRF Tanzania team visiting the Alex FM studios for a tour and sharing their knowledge on maternal,...

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CRF covering the PMNCH 2014 Partners' Forum

Today kicked off the first day of the Children's Radio Foundation's preparation for the upcoming P...

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Hey everyone! I'm Grace and im new here. I am 13 years old and turning 14 this August. I am from I...

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"Don't use drugs. To Live is Better!"

A cry in defense of Life: Don't use drugs. To Live is Better! Themes that defend human developme...

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My Fathers And I

My fathers and I I remember when the grass became a patriot on the sod and how growth was a midget in conflict. I remember when men couldn't feed and how wooden huts became a choice. I remember how the territory of slaves was carved from pain. I remember when my forefathers agreed to change the worl...

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Children in the 21st Century.

We call it civilization or industrial revolution. The world is getting more and more complex each day and the same is moving at an alarming speed. The speed that tends to even overwhelm us, the people bringing up the changes. But still, we call it development. It is a good thing, I can't obj...

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Youth & Community Theatre for Development

Yesterday morning, on 23 June at UNICEF NYHQ, there was a feature on “Community Theatre in Achieving Results for Children” that was part of UNICEF’s 2014 Spotlight series on Communication for Development (C4D) Innovations for Equity. This feature facilitated a panel discussion on how C...

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Changing my world

I cannot change the whole world by myself but I could start with my world. Don't judge me if I sou...

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Faith, Fear and Future

Faith and fear is a great measure to determine the future. They are great infectious words because they spreads like an epidemic, but you must be careful of what you listen to and those you associate with. Many people have allowed the faithless words of others to drive them into despair by which the...

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