Human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms to which every human being is entitled. They focus on individual, political, civil, spiritual, social, economic and cultural aspects of our lives. When human rights are respected, they allow us to develop to our fullest potential and create the foundation for peace within and among nations.

Human rights are often expressed and guaranteed by law. They lay down rights of individuals and groups, as well as obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to refrain from certain acts, in order to promote and protect the mentioned rights.

The catalogue of human rights nowadays is very vast, reaching from rights that affect every human being, to rights that put an extra focus on vulnerable groups - such as women, children, youth, refugees, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and the LGBT community.

Unfortunately, human rights violations occur on a daily basis around the world. This is why it’s essential that young people are well aware of and familiar with human rights. They give youth worldwide a concrete instrument to advocate for their rights on the national and international level, call attention to any kind of human rights violation and hold governments accountable.

Researching issues connected to human rights, you might want to check out these resources:

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United Nations – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights – Core International Human Rights Treaties

The Istanbul Convention – let’s get it ratified and eliminate viol...

The levels of violence against women and girls worldwide is terrifying. In 1993, the UN provided a...

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The Harsh Reality of Child Soldiers

Child soldiers are children who are under 18 and used for military purposes. Often times, children are abducted and then turned into child soldiers. These children can have a variety of duties such as actually fighting in the wars and conflicts, acting as suicide bombers, cooks, porters, mes...

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Living in One of the World’s Scariest Neighborhoods

This blog post is written by a 21 year old, living in a conflict-ridden city in Syria The...

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Access To Health Care in Rural Areas

Health care is a serious issue that affects everyone in the world. Adequate health care access is something that each and every person needs. Without it, the cost of receiving the health care that people will eventually need in their lifetime is way too high for them to afford. This is e...

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Children's rights: from paper to reality

When a paper is signed - like one on children's rights - you expect that it will help; that it will make a difference; have influence in some way... But the truth is in some places these papers make no change. In some places, these papers are a waste and are worth sending the shredder. I...

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Child Brides: a violation of children's rights

Every year, 15 million girls become child brides. FIFTEEN million girls every YEAR are married by...

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Human dignity and freedom in a multi-cultural, multi-religious world

A few days ago, I had to submit an assignment - an essay- on how the correct understanding of a hu...

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Trivial pursuits

Social justice Living for the weekend when you don't have to go to school Living for the moment hoping you'll survive till tomorrow Going over to friends houses who have funny tasting water Walking for hours to get fresh water Fighting with friends over petty things, that you loo...

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A Gaping Hole in a Child's Right to Education

Children are the world’s most precious resource. They are our future leaders, future doctors, an...

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Children with disabilities and social security

One of the most complicated issues regarding human rights has to do with not developing children and youth with permanent disabilities, who receive social security. Not developing these children and youth is a problem because many of them may never have the chance to live normal lives. I bel...

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