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OneMinutesJr. Jordan Workshop: Day Three "Filming, Filming, Filming"

Posted January 16, 2014 no picture theoneminutesjr.

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Filming, filming, filming. We only filmed 1 video on the 2nd day and have 16 more to film over the next 2 days. So the day starts off with a busy schedule of back to back shoots. First up is Rosh (19). He emigrated from Iraq in 2003 with his family and has tried hard to keep his spirit and identity. He believes everything has a start and an end, and that you should remain true to yourself no matter where you are. Because of his strong ideas of moving forward, we decided to film h...

OneMinutesJr. Jordan Workshop: Day Two

Posted January 14, 2014 no picture theoneminutesjr.

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The second day of the OneMinutesJr. workshop brought more talking and idea development. The participants of this workshop have a lot to say and were getting to the core of their ideas (the ones that really convey something personal still takes some time). Many times we delve deeper with youth to share something very close to their hearts. Yesterday, the focus of one young woman’s story was trying to be perfect and fulfilling expectations. We asked her to think more about it fro...

OneMinutesJr. Jordan Workshop: Day One

Posted January 13, 2014 no picture theoneminutesjr.

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The first day of the OneMinutesJr. workshop in Amman began with the youth participants introducing themselves to each other. The seventeen youth come from Amman, Baqa’ah and Zarqa. Some youth already know each other, being part of UCAN (UNICEF Change Agent Network), a network for adolescents advocating for their rights. But this way the whole team gets to learn a bit of the kids’ as well as their interests and hobbies. After a brief introduction of the OneMinutesJr., we asked...

That Christmass Post!

Posted December 26, 2013 no picture Kwoba @H_Kwoba

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This is that Christmas post that is written in sort of a reflective manner! I am currently on holiday in the coast of Kenya but decided to take some time and look at what happened in the year. This not entirely my review of 2013, well not entirely, it is one of those post you compose in that reflective mood. All in all, I hope your holiday is coming on well and as you read this post, please spare sometimes later and have some fun! I recommend it! 2013 was that year when youth p...

Youth Reporter Masinga finds out more from an HIV/AIDS Specialist

Posted December 8, 2013 no picture Children's Radio Foundation

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Children's Radio Foundation Youth Reporter Masinga sat down with Rick Olsen, a UNICEF specialist in HIV/AIDs for Eastern and Southern Africa. Masinga found out more about what key message Rick has for youth delegates at ICASA and what advice he would give to young people having unprotected sex.

Youth Perspective: Sustainable Development

Posted November 19, 2013 no picture Saket Mani

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There is no dispute today that Planet Earth is reaching a point where it can no longer sustain our intake levels. If we care about our planet, about ourselves, our children and other living things then we need to learn how to turn things around and bring about lasting transformation. Most environmental problems are global in nature, meaning, they have global ramifications. Let me explain by saying that many ecosystems that are managed by countries have vast global benefits and...