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One step in the democratization of education is off-campus learning

Posted September 12, 2014 no picture Rhia

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In recent times, online education has become more and more popular. It began with independent groups, such as Khan Academy, who began to offer online classes for people to improve on specific skills. Now, there are hundreds of Universities throughout the world who offer online courses, whether for credit or simply for their educational value. Even Harvard has an online component now, as part of edX, a group of schools offering online classes. I strongly believe that schools sho...

Anywhere you can make the difference :)

Posted August 21, 2014 Avatar Laura Rosa

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To help others, it is not necessary to leave the country or go further away from where you live. There are places, community centers where you can make a difference in the smallest ways. In September, I will help people with reduced motor skills in Fatima. I decided to volunteer with a friend (The same friend who will go with me to Africa when we grow up). The good is to contribute to the happiness of others and I'm sure I'll love it. I think the smile of the people who are bei...

Do schools put too much pressure on kids?

Posted August 21, 2014 Avatar Laura Rosa

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In my opinion, schools currently put too much pressure on children. In a way, it shows them the competitive side and the pressure of "being better than the other." Children are "formatted" in this competitive society and sometimes do not remove the "pleasure" of studying. They see the school as an obligation and not as a resource for building their own future. The pressure caused by the overload of homework, tests, etc. damages the student. Should we think in a more sustainable...


Posted July 12, 2014 no picture Diyase

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HIV can be contracted in many ways; some are born with it, some get it through accidents, yet some get it through defilement and rape. We all have people in our communities and schools that have HIV and we should always remember that they too are human and have the right to access that which we too have the right to. Let us look out for one another and care for one another, for the saying is true; if you are not infected then you are affected. Remember it could have been you!

Root Of Delinquency in Public Schools

Posted July 12, 2014 no picture Love_Educonnect_Zambia

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Are teachers responsible for pupils delinquency in public schools (government schools)?

Education - Theoretical or Practical?

Posted March 18, 2014 no picture Victor Brown Omovbude

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We go to school to learn, to be acquainted with a literal KIND of knowledge which gives us the ability to comment or comprehend on a subject wisely. Education brought a light to the world and shaped the way we see things. But one problem we still have is whether to dwell on its "Theoretical aspect" or "Practical part". In Nigeria, 80% of what we do in government owned schools and private work-grounds are 'theoretical' - there are no practical equipment and the areas for the conduction of these p...

education, why is this so difficult?

Posted February 10, 2014 no picture Dr Shamala S.K.

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Hi, I wonder why it is so difficult to make everybody educated! Well, what do we mean by education? Is it just the ability to read, write and do some basic mathematics? Do we need schools for it? If so, why aren't people in developing countries educated with all the plans to educate their people? Is it because their government hasn't planned well or could not implement the plans? What should the people do? Can they do this on their own, can't they? I know of some people who hav...

We Do Our Part In Our Education. Now It Is Up To The Adults.

Posted November 23, 2013 no picture Sayyidmohammed16

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We as young males and females go to school everyday and we try our best to do well. We study for tests and take extra help from our teachers to get a better grade in their class. We set goals for ourselves and we hope one day to achieve them. Then why do some feel like they are not ready to face the world? The answer is that teachers and the Board of Education don't prepare us for the real world. They just prepare us for tests like the Regents. This does nothing to help us beco...