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Thank You UNICEF

Posted December 6, 2013 no picture Lutfur Nahar

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I am really thankful to UNICEF for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to meet Katy Perry. I know that everyone has a celebrity crush and I am one of them. I am grateful and it’s a great opportunity for me to participate in the Katy Perry event at UNICEF House in New York City. My high school, Brooklyn International, was invited to attend the event on December 3rd. I felt excited and kind of famous. When I told my friends that I met a world famous singer, they didn’t believe...

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Event in New York City

Posted December 6, 2013 no picture rowan

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UNICEF is a very important organization that tries to provide protection for children. It also provides them with the things they need in order to survive and have better lives. In order to support children and make their lives better, volunteers from all over the world travel to countries where children live in bad conditions and try to make a difference and help. Some of those volunteers are the Goodwill Ambassadors who are not just famous people, but they are also people who are...

What is all the ROAR about?

Posted December 3, 2013 Avatar JulieVOY

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Ask the students or...Katy Perry? Students and young bloggers from 3 New York schools gathered in the UNICEF House in New York anxiously awaiting the announcement of UNICEF's newest Goodwill Ambassador, Katy Perry. Today, December 3rd, UNICEF was excited to announce and welcome Katy as the newest Goodwill Ambassador. Katy's role as a Goodwill Ambassador is to engage young people in speaking about the issues they believe are most important in their own lives and enlisting them t...