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In the words of a youth who has never seen Nelson Mandela but lives of his sweat, and cherishes the ability to speak to a foreign ethnic group without being in handcuffs. I cherish the ability to walk weightless in industrial areas without documentation to identify my identity. Acknowledging my voice and the darkness of my skin, I live in a happy and relaxed society without tension. He wished for this life. Chanting his name and wearing his smile, I walk freely into all doors I wou...

Nelson Mandela: our role model, the symbol of triumph of peace and justice.

Posted December 25, 2013 no picture Raquel Jorge

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Awareness of inequalities, intolerance and racism was the whole from which Nelson Mandela began his struggle in South Africa due to apartheid, a system of racial segregation enforced by National Party from 1948 to 1994 (despite its abolishing in 1990 through new legislation, it didn’t disappear until democratic general elections in 1994). Mandela was the highest example of democratic leadership in social movements in this country. His values were solidarity, equality, respect...

2013 in Retrospect - Lessons Learnt.

Posted December 30, 2013 no picture enenim

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2013 for me has been a very trying year. A lot of ups and downs. Incidences that have tested my resolve and courage. Situations that broke me down totally. Yet I have come out of it all with a stronger determination to take my life to the next level (in the coming year) with God by my side. Well, this piece is not meant to highlight my personal experiences, but my understanding of certain occurrences and happenings within Nigeria and outside the year 2013 (some of which I have already written ab...