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How do you feel the media represents disability?

Posted March 13, 2013 Avatar Francisca Lily

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I have started to investigate the way in which contemporary media represents disability (more specifically physical disability). After taking a closer look, I have realised that the media plays a huge role in society. Whether it be through radio, internet or broadcasts the media has a huge influence upon society. In my own opinion I do feel that the media does unfairly represent persons with disability. The mass media audience, I wonder what views they may have of persons with a...

Turning that Disability into Ability (Part One) – Cobhams Asuquo

Posted June 30, 2013 Avatar kaymiUnicef

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Being disabled is the worst thing that could happen to anybody; the pain of not being able to act like others, having to rely on everyone for everything depending on what form of disability one has and the degree of the disability. To worsen the case, the kind of people we have around us don’t help matters, they sometimes make us feel worse with their words but hey, we can turn that disability around into ability! We don’t have to sit down and wallow in our pains and suffer...

Happy International Day of Friendship

Posted July 30, 2013 Avatar KateVOY

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To celebrate International Day of Friendship we asked the Voices of Youth Twitter community to tell us what they've learnt from their friends and what makes their friends so awesome. Here are some of their responses: Manuel, Caracas: “They always gonna stand for me no matter what, that's the deal. Int. Day of #Friendship” Chima, Nigeria: “The most important thing I’ve learnt 4m my friends is that the best way to make & keep friends is 2love without expectations....

Learn with interview

Posted August 13, 2013 Avatar vitazahrah

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Last month I took a plan to write an essay about children on the street and I surprised for what I got and the real facts in reality. Actually I made an essay with my partner and she really helping for this. My topic essay is about children on the street and their life, so I search on internet about the whole detail information and I went to library in my school. After that, I realized that I needed more information about it because I'am a curious person so I had a plan to inte...

The Girl in a Pink Hijab

Posted August 25, 2013 no picture Arya Satya Nugraha

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Following cultural and religion rules does not have to be a barrier for a girl like Fike Kireina to go after her passion. Unlike girls in conservative groups who are oppressed to stay on domestic post, Fike's true calling is in leadership issue and so she has no reason to stay at home. For her, both boy and girl stand a chance to become a leader. "I don't think that human right states who should be a leader and who should stay behind to follow. Everybody, boy or girl, is...

Talking “About Charity” : Should we blame the Poverty?

Posted August 28, 2013 Avatar Aulia Maharani Karli

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Talking about “About Charity” in our debate I have something that I really want to share with you. A few days ago I went to a convenience store to have a lunch and when I enjoyed my meals, there was a boy standing right in front of me begging for money. Instead of giving him some money, I asked him to take a seat and having lunch with me. He had refused because he wanted to take his lunch at home, so that he could...

Just imagine

Posted September 3, 2013 Avatar Azura Katana

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Just imagine... an innocent person being abused for no reason. a child soldier being forced into a war that is not theirs to fight. a person being severely persecuted for their religion and beliefs. a child being sold to sex trafficking. ...STOP! this list is not even half the amount of messed up things that go on in this world. It's scary and overwhelming, isn't it? We all try to put an end to this, and yet it's still not enough so just to throw it out there, i cal...

A dream across the borderline.

Posted September 4, 2013 Avatar Imen Nighaoui

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Only five steps towards the borderline and now only two are left to look through the barbed wires. His name is "Kid", he is only 10 years old, he is young but old enough to realize that the sky above his head is divided into two; where he stands is emptiness and there across the line is Home. Now they stopped calling him "Kid", since the day they crossed that line he became "Refugee". It's been two years now, he was only eight when he left his home. At first he couldn't understan...

Leaders are listening - are you ready to talk?

Posted September 5, 2013 Avatar KateVOY

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BYND 2015 is a platform for young people to ensure their inclusion in the most important decisions of the 21st Century. The Global Youth Summit: BYND 2015 will assemble young people from all corners of the globe with a view to highlighting their priorities and capturing their combined voice in crucial national and international policy and decision making processes. World leaders are making decisions about your future now. They are ready to hear you, are you ready to talk?

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