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Teach Empower Motivate Inspire

Posted December 25, 2013 Avatar Vijay

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Greetings: Dear youths all around the world, my warm greetings to you all. This is a subsequent post of my previous one titled ‘Youth for Change’ (Y4C). As I already mentioned, my idea and concept of Y4C is to inform, inspire and involve youths all around the world as agents of change in their communities through inter-disciplinary social development projects. I strongly believe that when we youths unite together we can bring a positive flow of transformation which in turn...

From January 13th to 17th, the 4th Pan-African Youth Leadership Summit was held in Dakar (Senegal). Voices Of Youth was there and interviewed young participants, among which Zandi Mqwathi, 31, from South Africa. VOY: Tell us about yourself and why are you here today I am a young leader, writer, blogger, and HIV/AIDS advocate in South Africa. I was designated as the focal point for ROJARLU (network of African UN young leaders) in South Africa. I am passionate about change in A...

I have some questions to ask you

Posted February 17, 2014 Avatar Francisca Lily

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So after browsing through the online world of YouTube I stumbled across a tag video titled ‘GIRL POWER TAG’ by BubzBeauty. I watched this video and the three questions that captured my attention the most were: 1-What is the best advice you can to girls who want to be powerful? 2-If you had any superpower what would it be and how would you use it? 3-What upcoming person is powerful and why? So I’ve decided to answer them myself :) 1-The best advice I can g...

The power of us

Posted February 28, 2014 Avatar Francisca Lily

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I found this music video and listened to it a few times and it just made me think. Many people in the world have identified the power and success women and girls and more continue to support women and girls rights. As much as I do not understand the words, but the song clearly has a happy message! We are strong :) ~ Women and girls, hear this and remember. We are strong, together we stand united. For education and other rights we will protest peacefully and use our soft...