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Are we going to wait this to end?

Posted December 25, 2013 no picture Gabriel

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Child pornography is the consequence of the exploitation or sexual abuse perpetrated against a child. It can be defended as any means by depicting or promoting sexual abuse of children including print and/or audio centered around any kind of sexual act. The fact that sexual tourism is becoming widespread and continually practiced is deeply concerning because children are especially vulnerable. Children are directly affected by sexual tourism. Concerns about the growth of child pornography is gre...


Posted January 17, 2014 Avatar Emilia Siahaan

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This morning as I ate my breakfast in front of the television, I watched one of the programs on MetroTv. At first, I thought that this program was just another travel program, but as I watched it longer, I found a unique vocabulary that I have never heard before. It is voluntourism. Voluntourism, I guess you could already guess, comes from the terms volunteering and tourism. How do these things work together? Well, this is how the story goes: The host visited Papua, one of the...

I have always had a thing for South Africa!

Posted January 18, 2014 no picture Kwoba @H_Kwoba

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What can I say, South Africa has always been that country for me. I want to go there so badly. After I read the very well written article by Aulia ( from Indonesia who was talking about her love for India, I thought to myself, "hey, why not pen down something about my most favorite destination as well." This thought brought back all those wonderful reasons I have for South Africa. Have you ever heard someone speak zulu? They have this thing where they do...

Tourism for Multiculturalism

Posted February 2, 2014 no picture Amanda_GEMConnect_Burnaby_Canada

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Our idea is to promote multiculturalism through tourism. Nowadays, because Internet is so convenient, people tend to receive a mass amount of information every day, even though this information might not accurately reflect the truth. And it’s this information that leads many people to believe in certain stereotypes, especially towards certain cultures and countries. We believe that you have to actually visit the place before you can “judge” it, and get the chance to be expo...