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Cut Military Spending for Education

Posted December 3, 2013 no picture Carmen_GEMConnect_Hammonton_USA

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As of 2012, global military spending is $1.7 trillion. Too much money, in my opinion, is being spent on hatred and violence through war instead of being used to promote something like education for all. The Millenium Developmental goals we're discussed in a conference in Mexico City on September 10, 2009; where Mexico City stated "Stressing that human security could only be achieved through human development, civil society representatives called on Governments worldwide to cut defe...

What about Education for All?

Posted December 3, 2013 no picture jlyles14

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Around the world, only 2% of the children with disabilities receive an education and this is in specialized schools globally. This is an injustice because the children that cannot receive an education because they have special needs are deprived of a learning experience and a chance to prosper. The obstacles that people have to go through are very strenous because the schools that support the children with disabilities are far away or to costly for the families of the child.http://...

Education for All

Posted December 3, 2013 no picture Christina_GEMConnect_Hammonton_USA

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I strongly believe Achieving Education for All is the most important issue at hand in the world. 57 million children remain out if school in poor countries and 250 million are illiterate. Girls are the main ones who are being discriminated against because of their gender. For example, all females schools like an incident in Malala's are being bombed by the Taliban. 40 out of 110 countries still need their funding to educate their citizens.

United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development 2013

Posted December 2, 2013 no picture Rachel_GEMConnectLeaders_Philadelphia_USA

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The concept of global citizenship, recognizing our individual roles as citizens of one race, was an idea not heavily emphasized upon when I was a high school student. The presence of the United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development is now becoming the first step for students at a young age to see the global impact they can have alongside their fellow classmates whether abroad or national. Understanding the power and impact of youth remains a continuing goal for the h...