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Making Peace

Posted March 16, 2014 no picture Rafia Saleem

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“The road is blocked. You cannot go any further, please come through the other way,” a 7-year old child declared solemnly. “But I have to drop off my daughter. She is going to be late for her office. Please let us pass!” my father requested. “No, Sir!” this time another child spoke, and sounded like they were coming-of-age. “Can you please look at my card?” my father handed out his service card. “Hmm…”, the first child began to check. After he was satisfied, h...

Global Awareness: Intended Benefits?

Posted February 13, 2014 no picture Ashwin_GEMConnect_Chennai_India

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Children of the modern era are tragically deemed to be victims of technology and development: all forms of advice and suggestions are admonished by them as old-fashioned and things of the past. What is truly appalling is that prevalent adages and quotations that were based on logical and coherent reasoning have eventually become disjointed, disoriented and misread with the passing of time. This deterioration does not occur only as time prolongs; it also transpires depending on the...