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Reason behind terrorist mentality

Posted December 15, 2014 Avatar Shubhankar Joshi

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If you look ,the reason behind terrorism always related to the religion.No one consider this main reason behind it,poverty is not reason for the terrorism .Religious extremism is the main reason behind the terror.Only my religion is the correct way to reach towards god and others are disbelievers or referring them as disbelievers.this is the mentality of the terrorist for brainwashing of the people terrorist uses various religious references or misinterprets the religious texts....

When is enough enough?

Posted November 7, 2014 no picture Shayna Robinson

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When is enough enough? When does the violence stop? When does love prevail? Why fight with strangers when you can make friends? To all my brothers and sisters out there who are victimised by someone's hatred or ignorance, I am truly and extremely sorry:( Before I go on further, allow me to introduce myself and my rather peculiar reason for writing this article. My name is Shayna Robinson, recently turned 16 and I live in Singapore, known for its greenery, cleanliness, cultura...

STOP, not in my name!

Posted October 23, 2014 no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine

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You must have heard about the awful news of the execution of the French hostage in Algeria a couple of weeks ago. In case you didn’t: a group of terrorists that supports ISIS (Islamic state in Iraq and Syria) slew a French tourist, the reason was too ridiculous “at least for me”, the terrorists simply did what they did to stop the French military air strikes against “ISIS”, they’re saying that France does not care at all about the Syrian or the Iraqi nation, and that th...

Forgiving Terrorism

Posted September 18, 2014 Avatar Thisuri Wanniarachchi

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I grew up with a war. So did another 6 million Sri Lankan children of my generation. Just like most of them I've been rushed out of school through explosion sites, seen burning corpses on the sidewalks, I've waited for weeks at a time by the telephone to hear from my father, a Sri Lankan Army officer away on duty during the war. A war for peace; an oxymoron my father and hundreds of thousands other military men and women committed their lives to. Growing up, I was often pi...

Poverty and Terrorism

Posted June 24, 2014 no picture Fajr Khan

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Pakistan experiences the worst forms of poverty. I personally believe that poverty is a major reason contributing towards terrorism in Pakistan. Terrorists take advantage of this and find it easy to attract poor children into their deadly trap by making a fatal deal with them. These innocent souls are already frustrated after seeing their parents struggling for the survival of their children and their siblings who are starving for food. The reward of financial support to their fami...

Making Peace

Posted March 16, 2014 no picture Rafia Saleem

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“The road is blocked. You cannot go any further, please come through the other way,” a 7-year old child declared solemnly. “But I have to drop off my daughter. She is going to be late for her office. Please let us pass!” my father requested. “No, Sir!” this time another child spoke, and sounded like they were coming-of-age. “Can you please look at my card?” my father handed out his service card. “Hmm…”, the first child began to check. After he was satisfied, h...

Violence and You

Posted February 23, 2014 Avatar DilaU

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To me, violence is because of hopelessness. As part of our nature, when we humans feel that we have nothing else to do or that we are obligated to act so, we turn to violence. At first glance, all the terrorism, murders or attacks may seem quite simple with this explanation. However there is another aspect. Why do we feel hopeless? Why are we forced to do something that we don't want to do? I think this is the great dilemma. As we consider that there is a group or authority which c...