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Hello Everyone!

Posted July 14, 2014 Avatar Jessica Owens

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Hello everyone! I am so excited about blogging on VOY and seeing as this is my first post, I thought I would give you all a short introduction. My name is Jessica and I live in Co. Kildare, Ireland. I just turned 23 and will soon graduate from Dublin City University with an honours degree in International Relations. I am really passionate about women’s rights and equality and was known as the resident feminist in most of my classes! I am currently working as a full-time nanny...

Voices of Youth Inspire! Catching Waves with Easkey Britton

Posted April 10, 2014 Avatar JulieVOY

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Please tell us your name: Easkey Britton Your age: 28 Where are you originally from and where do you currently live? West coast of Ireland According to your business card – what’s your job title? Surfer. Scientist. Artist. Explorer. Give us 10 words that describe your typical work day? Unpredictable, flexible, freedom, elemental, challenging, inspiring, creative, communication, connection, passion. In a nutshell, how did you get to where...