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Funding Space Exploration

Posted October 13, 2014 no picture Andy Choi JS

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Space has enchanted people for generations. When the first men landed on the moon to plant the American flag, Americans rejoiced. When space missions go awry, countries mourn. Children and adults alike are enamored with the allure of space, and millions of dollars each year are spent by governments throughout the world on space missions. It's worth considering the question: Is space travel worth the cost? The first cost associated with space travel is, of course, funding relate...

When I saw Assignment #5 – to create an 'Inspire!' portrait by interviewing a young person who has an interesting job or career and who you think would be an inspiration for youth – in the VOY Blogger Info Packet that my Internship Manager sent me last June, two people instantly came into my mind. I am writing about one of them today. I thought it would be best if I do away with the ‘Inspire!’ profile format, so here it goes. He is Siddhartha Nanayakkara. I first met...

Mission Africa

Posted July 1, 2014 Avatar Francisca Lily

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First of all hello VOY I am happy to be writing again :D Yesterday I was watching Bloomberg and a special edition documentary TV show. It was about a Nigerian banker. His name is Tony Elumelu, he is the chairman of a bank in Nigeria and he also spoke for the duration of the documentary about his vision for continent Africa. He is a Nigerian born and raised, he went abroad to complete his final years of schooling and now has returned home. I lost interest after a point because...

Not only a great impact on revenue, job creation, and the value of exports, the creative economy is also important towards contributing to the welfare and sustainable development. It constitutes the result of a recent study of UNESCO and UNDP. About 16 years later, the term creative industries became a warm conversation in the realm of economics in Indonesia. It also indicates that Indonesia has missed more than 16 years in the development of creative industries. Some policy breakt...