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Mining Minors

Posted November 26, 2013 no picture Muyu

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I felt it was important to share this disturbing and emotional video of children as young as ten years old being subjected to extremely hazardous child labor in a mine located in Nyatike, Migori town. It's a toxic toil that shows scores of children torturing their bodies in open mines where the use of child labor has become common practice. What creative ways can we eradicate child labor from the face of the earth? What culture are we luring our children into?

Today is the day, Orange Day, which is celebrated on November 25th! Since 2008 with the creation of UNiTE to End Violence Against Women by the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, there have been campaigns fomenting plans to decrease and extinguish gender violence to eliminate inequalities. The aim is to promote civil, criminal, penal and processal laws, in favor of affected persons, and penalizing attackers. Victims suffer in the presence of conventionalisms and...

Eight year old sex addicts???

Posted November 23, 2013 no picture Muyu

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A lobby group from the city of Mombasa, Kenya, is advocating for the distribution of contraceptives to Primary School children. Why, you may ask? Well... the group argues that condoms and other contraceptives be given to pupils to reduce sexual immorality. At this point, you must be paralyzed with shock. This news made me stiffen as little prickles of fear rose on the nape of my neck every second I imagined that this was actually happening. The government of Kenya recently propos...

we can do more

Posted November 20, 2013 no picture Marwa J. Al-aqbi

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We must be Malala Yousafzai

Posted November 20, 2013 no picture Raquel J.

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Education is our more valuable good, and for this reason, we have to safeguard it. But not only that, we have to struggle for human rights which are broken and aren’t present in a lot of lives. Malala Yousafzai is an example of improvement, willpower, vigour, effort, bravery and reality where some people and like herself live everyday. In favor of our rights, gender equality, and equitable availability of opportunities which all, as individuals, deserve and must possess, we h...

Youth Perspective: Sustainable Development

Posted November 19, 2013 no picture Saket Mani

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There is no dispute today that Planet Earth is reaching a point where it can no longer sustain our intake levels. If we care about our planet, about ourselves, our children and other living things then we need to learn how to turn things around and bring about lasting transformation. Most environmental problems are global in nature, meaning, they have global ramifications. Let me explain by saying that many ecosystems that are managed by countries have vast global benefits and...

Why Should We Care About Statelessness?

Posted November 17, 2013 no picture Raquel J.

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According to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789) and most nations, we are all citizens. Nevertheless, many human communities have been suffering the effect of a phenomenon called “statelessness”. The statelessness is little-known in everyday life by many of us, who live in developed countries, but in five continents this injustice occurs. The statelessness means that a person does not have any nationality, he/she does not belong to any country leg...

Food Balance--Where Is It?

Posted November 16, 2013 no picture Kriyana Reddy

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I took an Environmental Science class last year. We learned that the general global populous of humans will not overshoot and plummet beneath its carrying capacity. Rather, we discovered that food production is not lacking and there is not a real shortage of food product in the world. If you think about it differently, you will see that this global dilemma of hunger is not a function of poor productivity or lack of resources. In the world, if we see it this way, we can assume that...

Education as a tool to stop child marriage and fight poverty? New Podcast

Posted November 12, 2013 no picture UNICEF Education

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Every year, an estimated 23 million girls aged under 15 are married worldwide with little or no say in the matter. In our newly launched podcast discussion series with the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) called "Changing the World for Girls,” we spoke to two experts (Dr. Adefunke Ekine and Dr. Judith-Ann Walker) on how to leverage education as a tool to stop child marriage and fight poverty. Read the full article and listen to the podcast here:

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