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Youth and Business - The Power of Being Listened

Posted November 18, 2013 no picture Arthur Chiba

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As a young person, I frequently get asked what I want to buy, what I wish to consume. Big, medium, small, all kinds of companies and business want to understand me, want to know how I react, what attracts me. It is like we are some big fat babies with a lot of money in our pockets, the jewel of any big businessman. They all want to know how to make me consume more, but most of them don't get that the key to make me consume me more: just listen me a little bit closer. Some of us...

why is it important for youths and children to have a voice in business?

Posted November 18, 2013 no picture Cynthia Amyo Tembo

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There is increasing discourse on the involvement of children and youth's voices in business. The general feeling seems to be that youths and children should not be involved in business sectors,but what are the consequences of taking such extreme position towards youth and children? Are they feeling our views,opinions,suggestions etc are not important to the business sector and should be done away with? Who is a youth? In simple english a youth is said to be a state of being young and as young in...

Voices of Children & Youth in Business: Empowering the Young to Lead Change

Posted November 18, 2013 no picture Saket Mani

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Children & Youth of today are demanding for systematic and democratic changes around the world using political & economic tools. Participation of Youth in Development is very important and moreover, development without youth cannot be sustained. Due to Globalization, young entrepreneurs play a vital role in building a democratic society through their contribution in political & economic development. Youth empowerment is being recognised as an important aspect of sustain...

The Voice of Youth in Business

Posted November 18, 2013 no picture Claudia S.

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Growing up in a rural part of Italy, the memory that I still hold closely to my heart were the times the harvest season would begin. Adults and kids alike would lend a hand picking and cleaning chestnuts, grapevines, mushrooms, apples, olives and all the goods that a good fall harvest would bear. Everyone would help, and even the smallest of the children would be assigned the important job of shooing the dog away to prevent it from eating all the goods. Whatever the outcome of the...

Why I think it’s important to include children and youth in businesses. 

Posted November 18, 2013 no picture Andra Enache

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When I will be the CEO of a company, I will make a system only to monitor businesses’ advertisement to see if they respect child and human rights. It’s important to be loved by children because they represent the generation who will provide the care you need in old age. Also, they need to know from an early age their rights and their opportunities. Companies have a big impact on society and of course, on children. Nowadays it’s getting more and more important to care about your cust...

We are agents of change in business: we are the Future

Posted November 18, 2013 no picture Raquel J.

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We live in a globalized planet, a whole of societies in which, at the same time that planet progresses technologically, a powerful interrelation is developed due to several factors. However, one of them allows advancement in all levels of life, from local to global: the business. As much microeconomics as macroeconomics transcended beyond it: they arrived to us and are intrinsic in lifestyle. Businesses should reinforce our personality, because they motivate us to personal self...

A young man should have a right to their own opinion with regard to business. Why? The question that we must ask is: Why not? It is true that a young man has no deep knowledge about management or economics, but this kind of knowledge that he lacks at this stage of his life, is filled with creativity and the ability to solve a problem in a way that probably no one would imagine. This kind of initiatives become beneficial for both parties, since it creates a "small" challen...

The role of business in realizing children rights.

Posted November 18, 2013 no picture LEONARD.W

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RE: ROLE OF BUSINESS IN REALIZING CHILDREN RIGHTS. A business activity is any legal undertaking meant to satisfy human wants and make profits,for example Google Company.It basically plays the role of satisfying the promoters as well as the society at large. Part of its role is to realize the rights of children at different levels.Children rights,on the other hand are legal,social or ethical principles of freedom.They appear in three major categories: Provision,Protection and Pa...

Your Business, Their Voice

Posted November 18, 2013 Avatar Najee Chua

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The Philippines is currently under the international microscope. After the wake of Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), my country has been on the receiving end of the world’s generosity and kindness. Nations that most Filipinos have never even visited before have given millions of dollars in relief efforts and goods; some countries have even commissioned their best doctors and volunteers to work directly at ground zero. Let me take this time now to express my grat...

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