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Have You Met Galuh?

Posted November 17, 2013 no picture Virginia Gunawan

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Have You Met Galuh? He is the typical Indonesian twelve years old boy. He goes to school from seven to twelve then, after his brief lunch, he goes to his father’s coconut kiosk. Galuh’s father sells coconut drinks. Under the hot, blistering sun of Surabaya, coconut water is one of the most sought after drink. No wonder Galuh’s father business thrives. However, there are two other kiosks, right next to their kiosk, selling coconut from the exactly same plantation striving...

"Working Together in the Happiness"; When Business Involve Youth and Children

Posted November 17, 2013 Avatar Aulia Maharani Karli

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“Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business”. This question sounds really rare and successfully makes me think deeply about the answer. When I was thinking about “Business”, the situation that to my mind is; a young man, bringing lots of water-color and the brushes for painting. He is going to the garden with so many children waiting for him. In the middle of their activities, the young man’s phone is ringing and the man says “Alright,...

‘Give us a chance,’ the youth.

Posted November 16, 2013 no picture Lynn Butler

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Businesses are realising that us – the younger generation – are more important than their investments itself. We are a business decision that occurs every day. Understanding that youth are likely to take over their company years preceding, is to some daunting. How come? We may love Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus sticking out her tongue, but we are the mind that will later on lead a million dollar company. Business starts from an early age, from when your mother gave you a m...

Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?

Posted November 16, 2013 no picture Lia

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Between the clink of glassware and the scraping of cutlery against plates, my father's puns at dinner are often met by a blank stare and a disapproving shake of the head. My history teacher's decision to show us "Gangnam Style", two months after we had all decided the joke was dead was only met by a chorus of groans. My friend who was given a Samsung after asking for an iPhone for Christmas still resents every time she has to use the thing. Because the teenager is the most discerni...

“Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?”

Posted November 14, 2013 Avatar Christopher Onoka

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Of the over 7 billion people that are on earth today, all those aged 24 years and younger account for nearly 40 percent of the world's population. What this means is that effectively roughly half of the world’s population will be, or in some cases already are, consumers of services and goods for at least the next half century. From a business stand point, this means that one should effectively concentrate one’s efforts on this target group, because this will be one’s market f...

Let's put education at the center of business investment

Posted November 12, 2013 no picture UNICEF Education

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Investing in education is essential to developing a skilled workforce for the future and improving economic growth. As of 2011, more than 57 million primary aged children are still out of school and 130 million children have failed to learn the basics even after four years in school. A new Framework for Business Engagement in Education, launched at the UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit last month makes the case for putting education at the centre of business investment. It provid...