Why Say "No" to Life??

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Struggling to control her tears, Jai’s mother said, “I would love to know why... It’s the only question I have because not knowing the reason is what is keeping me from getting over it. It’s haunting. He meant everything to me and now I have no reason to live”... It was not just Jai’s mother, who wanted to know the reason. In fact his family, friends and community had the same question, “WHY??? What could I have done to prevent this?” If only they would have given more time, given more attention...

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    Someone asked me, "What do you do?" I shuffled my feet, "Right, err..." They thought I said *Writer* :D LOL.. Well, basically I'm a behavioral trainer, a vocalist and highly passionate about books, occult sciences, palmistry, psychology and ofcourse writing, it gives me a high like nothing else.

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