A presentation was done by Mr. Steve Thorne {Technical consultant on energy MEM and UNDP}. The presentation was mainly about the Energy sector. He presented as the Sun being the foremost largest energy source especially in Tanzania where there is almost sunshine throughout the year. He also described that Energy is the pre-condition and an important input towards development. He also pinned out that energy in Tanzania is Petrol, Gas, Wood, Charcoal, Fuel etc. This may be used for T...

The Tanzania International Model United Nations conference took place from 3rd April to 6th April 2013 in Pius Msekwa Hall, Parliamentary Building in Dodoma. The theme of the conference was, “Millennium Development Goals: envisioning social and economic development strategies post 2015”. Organized by Youth of United Nations Associations Tanzania ,This simulated general assembly officially started on Thursday 4th April 2013. Trainers from various institutions such as Economic an...

International Cultural Diversity Day - 1st June 2013

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The International Cultural Diversity Day was held at the Russian Culture Hall in Dar Es Salaam. It was organized by the Youth of United Nations Associations (YUNA) of Tanzania, inclusive of about 300 representatives, both in-school and out-of-school youth, in order to share different cultures. The theme was ''Our Culture Speaks for the World We Want''. Please take a look at the photo gallery.

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