by Patricia Downie and Henry Ertl One night out, such an unpretentious action, that changed my life forever. As a University of Maryland (UMD) student this past spring, I attended the Connect4Climate, Right Here, Right Now campaign event at The World Bank in Washington, DC, to celebrate and recognize artists around the world who had participated in a competition to link conversations about global climate change to the local actions of our daily lives. I had no idea at the time...

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The University of Maryland Students Connect4Climate is an ongoing connection project between UMD students and The World Bank about climate change. The event has taken place at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC, and Dr. Sibilski, the professor of the university's contemporary social problems class took several students to the event to encourage young people to connect for climate change. After the event, the whole sociology class which consists of 50 students ass...

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