Stop Child Labour. Often we hear voices from the responsible and hearted people of society. How we can we be the ones who are also kind-hearted and responsible?! Lets talk ... Children do heavy work for the sake of money. The need money for buying food, food for themselves or for their family, and also for some other basic needs like clothes, drugs, school fees etc. Can you imagine this scenario: A 10 year old boy comes to a factory for work because his younger sister is sick and she needs medic...

Child Labour, What does it look like?

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Child Labour Yesterday I saw a young child of only 8 years old carrying 7 or more bricks with his tiny hands. His small muscles in his arms and chest were becoming prominent. Sweats was falling down from his bare upper body. I asked him, "boy why are you doing this?!" He told me that he was hungry from yesterday. He needs some money to buy bread! Tell us, Speak Up! Readers, I know you all feel sorry for that little boy. Ya. This is child labour. This is the small part of business in a third wor...

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