“Never buy a Japanese car or anything large that’s Japanese. We can’t forget what they did to us,” speaking in Chinese, my grandmother shook her head disapprovingly as she walked away from Japan House’s doors and into the parked car. The Volvo deftly slid out from the Japanese restaurant drive way onto the service road. My mother who is driving in the front seat gives a soft reproaching glance at her mother-in-law. I immediately stop the tickle war with my brother and sank back...

Hou Qing

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Rising rapidly in power, population, and industry, China is, as we all have acknowledged, on the rise. With this poem I wish to recognize how China has grown from the fall of their dynasties (Qing) and the Opium Wars to the industrial giant of today. Hence, the poem's name to be 'Hou Qing' or 'After the Qing Dynasty'. Thus, all in all, this is in inspiration that all can grow from a fall, a collapse, disgrace. And from that, all can rise to power. Hou Qing I. Who are...

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