5 Ways Young People Can Help End FGM

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"'It is not enough to tell people that FGM is illegal,' says FGM victim-turned-activist Gladys Kiranto. Changing laws is essential, but as FGM is often a deeply embedded cultural tradition in communities, large-scale education about why it is harmful is needed to effect major social change."

Source: http://www.girleffect.org/news/2014/02/zero-tolera...

When we hear about organizations working towards a change for the better, we think that we cannot do anything to help because we lack the money, time, resources, or power to do anything significant. However, I have realized that simply being aware of these issues and being able to communicate to others about them makes all the difference, especially with the prevalent use of social media. This is exactly how I felt after coming across girleffect.org, a website dedicated to providin...

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