In honor of this year's theme, 'Mental Health Matters' for the International Youth Day on August 12 2014; I decided to speak out about this topic that is so dear to my heart. I think that it's time indeed to end mental health stigma. In Hong Kong alone, 1 in 3 people are suffering from some sort of mental disorder according to a SCMP (a local newspaper) article dated 2012. Around 200,000 people in Hong Kong are estimated to have a severe mental illness and suicide rates gas becom...

Life as an ethnic minority youth

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Even if I'm a permanent resident of Hong Kong or even if I can still be considered as a Hong Konger by some people because I was born it, it still doesn't feel right to call this city "My Home." Like many of my fellow ethnic minorities, we are still stuck under that label. We are still part of the minority. For many, we should be thankful because we are given some "privileges" and get to enjoy the same rights as local residents. But my point in the matter is, being an EM student...

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