Toddlers at risk for HIV/AIDS in Papua

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Source: Jayapura Papua Indonesia A total of 116 toddlers have tested positive for HIV / AIDS in Papua. This was conveyed by the Head of Papua Provincial Health Office drg. Joseph Rinta in Jayapura. Babies are infected due to lack of counseling and HIV prevention, care and treatment of pregnant women. The local health department admits that there are many people with HIV / AIDS in Papua who are are reluctant to t...

Source: <> Papuan people’s demands for self memisahkann of Homeland increasingly apparent. The question is, why the Papuans demanding separation, while the many special autonomy funds for Papua rolling each year. Autonomy is not the “free” people of Papua? Papua Customary Council (DAP) and people of Papua on August 12, 2005, the Special Autonomy Law never return to the central government through the Parliament of Papua. They went as far as 12km from Abepura to Jayapura with the power of...

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