Can you be forced to follow a religion?

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Growing up, religion has been a part of me. From what my family has taught me, religion is supposed to give you a sense of hope and righteousness. I was also told that religion can unite the family. Many different types of religion have been followed and accepted by different people across generations and through life and death situation. But if one is born into a religion and forced to follow its principles doesn't it constitute a violation of human rights? In America, people have religious fr...

In Malaysia, people are now debating whether students should be taught in 'Malay', the local language or English. In Malaysia, most well-educated students want to go to college overseas, a majority choosing English-speaking countries. In Malaysia’s education system, English became the language of choice for that reason. This way, it’s easier for students to pursue their education abroad and Malaysian students, who study abroad in English-speaking countries, perform much better. However, it i...

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