"The truth will set you free." It was written in the Bible and while some of us deny the quality of this truly ancient document, just as I did, you might want to think as to why this book remained on the shelves of so many libraries and in the hearts of so many people for that long a time. The truth is also a very subjective concept. It is a belief forged by the reasonable collecting and selection of information. In itself the truth is knowledge. The more knowledge you have of the world, of peo...

Raise your voice for the children of the world!

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A person is not only the product of his own parents but is also shaped by the community they grow up and live in. So it is very important, firstly to realize that we are talking about OUR children, which are our responsibility. And we seem to have forgotten our kids, brothers or sisters altogether. Recently, children of Central Africa have finally gained the attention of the adults that they so desperately need. Although I am not supportive of Invisible children financing the Uganda army and...

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