Today, we rise for... What do we rise for?!

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We need our society and we need it to be a true "pack",not just a group of unacquainted citizens, but a real community. We need to "grow back" all those morals, which society lost throughout the centuries - trust, compassion, love, ambition, knowledge, respect. We need to learn how to live by the maxima "In MAN I trust". We need to help each other, in order to help ourselves. Freedom doesn't lie in solitude, it stands in complete unity.


This is a cryout. This is a call. It's a question, which I've been asking myself for quite a while. This is the social-political-global manifesto of an 18 year old. What the hell do you want? The world is catching fire in a combustion for freedom. In this little reaction the spark varies but remains the same in nature - a violation of basic human rights - the right for a truthful vote in Bulgaria, the right for personal identity in Bosnia, the right to conserve your nature i...

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