Where does “change” come from?

Posted no picture Jocelyn T.H. Hung Chien

This is a question I have been thinking about for a long time. I have been participating in activities promoting the rights of Indigenous Peoples for a few years. We do need to change the current injustice system that in general ignores the voices of Indigenous Peoples and disrespects our rights. However, when we are calling for changes, how can we make changes? I would like to share some points I generated from these years of experiences. First of all, we should identify ourselves as the “righ...

The Child in Us

Posted no picture Nadhila Adan

A lot have changed within just a few months. More building developments, more traffic, more beggars. One thing I could never fathom is why are these beggars crawling around the streets of the metropolitan? We can hardly find them in villages. The life in the village is more... calming. Returning back to Jakarta, my home town, could give me a headache. It could give anyone a headache. But then, I realized it is the place where a lot of dreams are sketched. Living in an imperfect environment make...

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