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Alkasar is the name of my film , which means " Breaker " in English , and this name is related with all the actions of the film , which talks about the reality of life in Gaza Strip , the film talk about the suffering of people here and the bad circumstances which they faced and still face every day because of the Israeli siege on Gaza , this siege let many of the Palestinian people working hard in order to find a piece of bread for them and their children, so here in my film I talk about those...

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    Wesam Mousa – Director. Wesam Mousa is a young, talented Director who lives and works in Gaza Strip, Palestine. His work focuses on social justice issues in Palestine. His films include “The Sun Never Sets”, “Mouthes and Rabbites”, “The Bitter Harvest” and “By Smile”. He also wrote the screenplay for “The Burning Dew” and “In the Mail That Did Not Reach”. His latest film, “Breaker” has been screened at the Middle East Festival of Cinema, the In Short Film Festival in India. Forthcoming screenings will be at Edinburgh International Film Festival and Moscars Film Festival in Palestine. The film is about the children who have to work at breaking stones in abandoned colonies to provide materials for necessary constructions since the blockade in Gaza. Wesam is also the Manager of Public Relations and Director of Fursan AL Erada Radio, the first radio station in Palestine set up on behalf of the disabled. He has a diploma in Applied Arts and has trained in directing, writing, and media and human rights. He has been involved with establishing a project for young people called “Cinema for Change” and is the Director of the commission to select and programme films for the Gaza international documentary film festival

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