The Right to Education and its Denial in Conflict Situations

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All children have a fundamental right to education enabling them to learn, grow and eventually become successful members of society. Unfortunately today, in many developing nations this isn’t a reality. Children do not have access to schools for a variety of reasons. Their school might have been destroyed in war as a abundance of schools were during the second civil war in Sudan which ended in 2005 and in the more recent post presidential election violence in the Ivory Coast. In other cases,...

For one week (October 10th through the 14th), Suitless for Students is asking professionals who wear attire that requires dry cleaning to work, to instead wear attire that can be washed at home. Participating professionals can then donate the money they would have spent on dry cleaning to UNICEF’s “School in a Box” program through our fund. UNICEF’s “School in a Box” program provides teachers with supplies for 40 students (up to 80 if classes are rotated) living in areas of armed...

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